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Well hello there! I am Miss Woop De Doo, a bubbly sparkly glittery performer from Tampere. I did my very first solo performance in Teerenpeli Tenderfeet, Tampere Finland, on March 21st 2015. I started burlesque by attending Olivia Rouges`s beginner`s weekly class in 2014, and continued in the advanced weekly class. After that I have participated in different workshops, and also coaching classes. Nowadays I am also part of a wonderful burlesque troupe called Vermillion Dames, coached by Olivia Rouge herself!

I have a background in different dances such as African dances, salsa, and street dances, and I have been performing in those as well. As you may guess, I use my strong dance background in my burlesque numbers since it is a natural way to express myself.

At the moment I have five different acts to offer (and more are bubbling under atm, so stay tuned or ask for more info):
    The first one called "Housewife`s HeartBeat" is a humoristic act telling the story of a lonely housewife. The days go by just doing the laundry, cleaning up and collecting toys from the floor... But what happens if there is good music and something little "extra" to cheer you up...?  ;) This act is very funny, flirtatious and cheerful. Duration: 4:25 minutes.
     The second act "Dark" is a mystical story of a fortuneteller and her crystal ball. Will the fortuneteller be able to resist the spell put on her and what will happen next..? Find out yourself :) The act is very fascinating, dark and sexy. Duration: 6:40 minutes.
     Third act "Goodbye" tells the story of a widow, who has a broken heart and dark mind. Dark cabaret stylish act with classical props.  Duration: 6:45 minutes.
    Fourth act " 1 out of 10" tells a very personal story. It is light, informative, sensual and maybe (?) a bit sad. Duration: 5:45 min.
    Fifth act " Summer Dream" is full of shimmies, shakes and bump `n`grinds covered in gold. Fun and sparkly act. Duration: 5:04 min.

I am looking for new co-operations and performances so please do not hesitate to contact me: or you can check my facebook page here (you need to be logged in facebook in order to see my page).

My current bookings you can find here (sorry only in Finnish).

Yours truly,

Photo: Harri Joensuu Visuals

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